Friday, July 29, 2011

Seamen's Sinking

OK, So as I mentioned before Seamen didn't make the cut. I mean as desperate as I was to have people to hang out with and stuff to do...he still didn't make it. 6-8weekish and I had had enough. His shining moment was the Orlando trip and then it was just annoying from there.

1) It got where I was not being myself around him, being fake and laughing at stuff I didn't think was funny and listening to him talk about stuff I didn't care about. He was just blah personality and socially weird.

2) I started not to be able to stand that he thought that becoming a Navy Officer was the hottest thing ever. 'Cause it wasn't. Dude- you're 28, kinda behind the times, and you could have made more money if you did like a "Green to Gold" (army terms, not sure what it is called in the Navy) program. A) I have a ton of friends in the military and most are officers, B) most enlisted guys are super immature----like Seamen C) You think you have a pilot slot, but you don' one just gives away pilots slots, I know too much for you to pull that one on me. D) You might not make it as an officer- cause you're just not that smart

3) I started realizing how dumb he really was. He had to try so hard in college just to get passing grades, not good grades. Ok, most people would think this was cute or that he had work ethic. I'm just a bitch and think you're kinda dumb. Only a few courses in college were really hard for me and I am a pretty good student- so dude....GET ON MY LEVEL....if not, I think I might have to move on.

4) Not only was he dumb, but he didn't respect education. He was cheating in some of his courses I find out. He was taking a Calc class online and having another student do the assignments. He had told me someone was helping him......later I find out that they were doing it. How did I find this out? Well he was registering for the next semester and found a school that had Calc 2 online and was going to take the class there. I though ok- you don't want to go to class. No he made a big deal about it and told me he had to have the course for Navy ROTC but that they might not accept online bla bla bla...turns out he knew he would fail fail fail if he actually had to take the course since his buddy had been doing all the online stuff for him. He said school was just a stepping stone and you didn't learn anything and it was pointless bla bla bla......okay Mr. Enlisted. Sorry that is just something an enlisted guy would say (wow I am a bitch). But you do not say all this stuff putting education down to someone like me who actually worked to earn a degree, didnt cheat and went back for a MASTER'S DEGREE....hello 20K in debt----education is dumb right?

5) He was a cheap we all thought I'm sure that he had redeemed being a cheap ass by taking me to Circus de Soeil right??? NOT! Turns out he knew a girl who worked in the box office and got the tickets for FREE! I'm all about connections and hook ups, but I thought that he had classed it up and put in some work. Maybe that is a lil materialistic of me, but this wasn't the first occasion. He was ALWAYS talking like a poor college kid. You shouldn't be a poor college kid at 28 unless you are a lawyer or a doctor.I was poor at the time also, but you didn't hear me saying things like, "Oh we'll go there once I get paid." The problem is I wanted to go and wanted to just pay for myself, but nooooooo.......he can't afford to pay his way. WTF You know how some people are just downers the way that they reference money all the time etc. that was him. He always wanted to drive, but then would bitch about gas etc. Then why did you offer and want to drive??? You have a yellow hummer, I feel like a huge d-bag anyway.

6) Droppin the L-bomb....yes he did it. "I'm falling in love with you." Saying that in 6-8 weeks is a good way to show me how much I'm not falling in love with you, you Crazy. We aren't even Facebook official. We're casually dating.

7) Stalker mode- so one night I wasn't feeling so hot and didnt want to talk to him. I texted him and told him as much as he didn't get the memo. Calling, Calling , Calling, Texting, Texting, Texting, and I would rarely respond to a text. So what does he do at 12pm, SHOWS UP AT MY HOUSE......"Oh, no you didn't" (said in black sha-na-nay voice) I lived an hour and 20 min away from him.....Sorry I wanted some me time. WACKO. So he came in and wanted to talk and I said I'm not talking, you can sleep here if you want cause its late, but im sleeping. He got all whiny and yelling and bla bla bla as I sat in my bed. I eventually gave in and kinda talked and let him sleep with me. He should have known that was the beginning of the end.

8) He yelled at me. I have dated a ton of type A guys and never really had any fights. I don't do fights. If we are fighting before we have been together a while officially then its just not worth it. Guys don't yell at MeetMeFL, just like "No one puts baby in the corner,"

9)Sex with him became work. It was just awkward. He was SOOOO into it like an animal. Like grunting and talking himself up....who does that! The first few times were good, but then I started just liking it for the attention and "atleast I was getting some." It became atleast this is a good cardio work out. It was messy too...he would sweat like a wild boar, not that I have slept with a wild boar but I can only imagine. And when I started my blog about Seamen a while back titled A lot of .....its vulgur yes I know but so true. It was like a fire hose. GROSS

10) He wasn't getting the clue. He invited me to holiday functions and to meet his family and I continually declined. We exchanged Christmas gifts a week or so before Christmas. He did get me pretty thoughtful gifts and I was impressed,he'd listening to things I wanted and put thought into others but it didn't make up for the awkward conversations, his weird social presence, his obsessive nature, immaturity and overall not match for me--ness.

And then Seamen sunk....

After the holidays, I upped my get out of here tactics and blew him off as much as possible...he eventually sent me mean texts and voicemails and really showed his true colors. He actually sent me a multiple page Facebook message with bad things about me that I never really felt the need to read so I haven't. I thought he was "falling in love with me" lol, obviously I had a lot he wasn't falling in love with either. Seamen really showed how immature and pathetic he was by sending that email to a girl you met online and casually dated for a few weeks. Hope he pulls it together before he thinks he is going to be An Officer and a Gentleman, or else his relationSHIPs will continue to sink.

I was happy it was over, I like just dangling my toes in the water anyway....not sure I need a relationSHIP.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seamen Suprises

So I wasn't always a huge bitch I guess to the Seamen. I think he really really liked me. Well actually I know he did, which was eventually one of the reasons I eventually broke it off, but it wasn't all bad. I mean, I started this blog to talk about all the losers I have met and all the crazy things I have encountered in trying to meet people in Florida, but sometimes there are good surprises.

So I had scheduled an meet and greet/interview in Orlando, FL to talk to someone face to face about a potential job opportunity I was interested in applying for. I had looked at scheduling it for either a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and the Seamen encouraged me to schedule it for a Tuesday so that he could drive with me. I thought that this was a really nice gesture because he had experience in the career area that I was looking at and I thought that he was going to sit in on the meeting with me. I made the appointment for a Tuesday. Then I got my part-time job schedule and I was scheduled to work on Tuesday. I tried to switch with everyone possible and it wasn't, so I was going to change my appointment time and when I talked to the Seamen he strongly discouraged me from changing it. I ended up keeping it for that Tuesday and calling in sick for part of my shift.

So I drove to Tampa and met the Seamen and we headed in my car to Orlando for my appointment. He looked cute, wearing a combination that I had told him looked great on him, jeans, collared shirt and a sweater over it. Yes- I live in FL, but this was December. (we weren't wearing coats like the rest of you) But also, he was 28 and had the worst style sense ever! You need to upgrade to an adult woredrobe at some point....

We chatted the ride and I still wasn't sure about him, he talked kind of weird and like talked A LOT. I mean, I have been known to talk a lot, but this is a guy, and a lot of what he talked about I really didn't care about. This should have been a warning sign- but I was lonely and it was nice to have someone with some similar interests and most importantly someone to do stuff with. One thing I REALLY didn't like is that he always made comments about how he was broke etc. or coupons or "can't buy it til my next paycheck." I mean that is fine, I am not really that materialistic, I just don't want to know about it or hear about it, deal with it on your own and don't make yourself sound like a loser to someone you are trying to court. I mean, I want to be with someone who can buy concert tickets and not have to wait til their next paycheck. I feel like that is something people said in middle school. Not when you are 28.

Ok, that was a side note, now back to the story...

So we get to the office in Orlando, and he says, "Go ahead in, this is your thing, I'll wait in the car." WHHHAATTTT??? I was shocked, I know we had talked about how it was nice to have someone to ride in the car with you and how we were going to eat at a cool restaurant in Orlando, but I thought the main reason was that he was going to go with me for moral support and to listen in. At first I was kind of upset, but then within 2 min, I was happy. I thought it was very thoughtful for him to say that and empower me by just being there to sit in the car. ONE PROBLEM- I was in there for a long time, and I kind of forgot I had someone in the car with me, I mean I might have been in there for 2 hours.....ooooopppssss. The meeting went well and I headed back out to the car.

When I got back to the car, Seamen was in there napping and I didn't feel so bad. He said that he had gotten thirsty and had to pee and had walked to a gas station, but other than that it was no big deal. ONE POINT FOR SEAMEN

I then asked him, "So what's the plan?" And he said that we were going to head to dinner. "Cool, just tell me where to go."

He gave me directions and we headed closer and closer to Disney property, which I didn't realize until the signs started having Mickey ears and everything started to get happier, lol. We eventually pulled up on Downtown Disney.

I was excited because I had never been to Downtown Disney, but I was nervous in the same respect because I was thinking that it was like a theme park and I was anticipating the expensive entrance ticket and at the time was working part-time and didn't really have the extra $100 to spend. I was relieved to find out that it had all the glory of a theme park and all the Disney touches, but no rides or free shows so it did not have an entrance fee. The Seamen said that he thought we would walk around and check it out before dinner. Great- TWO POINTS FOR SEAMEN

But, I had had had to pee. So I told him," I'm sorry but I have to run ahead and find a bathroom." I jogged up to the main street area from the parking lot, searching for a pee spot head looking all around like a dog searching for a new pee spot in some other dog's backyard. Seamen caught up and found me frantic and pointed in the direction of the bathroom....AHHHHH

It was right under a big staircase heading up to Circus de soleil. When I came out of the bathroom, the Seamen was not outside the bathroom waiting for me, so I came out again like a dog looking all around for my owner. When I finally spotted him he was at the Will Call window for Circus de soleil. I waited til he was done at the counter and he had an envelope in his hand.

"Oh, were you asking about ticket prices or picking some up for your mom or something? that would be a good Christmas gift for your mom." - me

"Um, no, these are for us, tonight....." - seamen

"WHHHHAATTTTTTT!!! oh my god, you can't be serious! Aren't these like super expensive? oh my god, I've been dying to see this, oh my god, seriously???" he head nods "I'm so freaking excited"

I jump up and hug and kiss him like a fool.  GAZILLION POINTS FOR SEAMEN

He handed me the tickets casually and said,  "Can you put these in your purse? Let's find somewhere to eat before, we don't have all that much time"

I opened them and on the inside of the envelope there was a map of the seats an two tickets inside. I looked at the date and time and they were in fact for that night! He then went to the bathroom and I continued to study the tickets. I looked at the seat numbers and referenced the map on the inside of the envelope....THIRD ROW FROM THE STAGE!!!!


For those readers who may not know me personally, I danced from age 2-24 and I love gymnastics, arts, shows, theatre etc. So this could not have been more perfect. wow- he did awesome

We walked around Downtown Disney- which in itself was pretty interesting and looked for somewhere to eat. Most placed had a bit of a wait or didn't look quick enough. We ended up with a cafe like Italian place and just ordered pasta and pizza, similar to Fazolis style. We ate outside on the patio where we could watch people wandering around Downtown Disney- even though it was pretty much freezing outside (for us Floridians). It was nice and then we headed back towards Circus de Soleil and got there just as they were opening the doors for the show. We got inside and he purchased a beer for himself and a glass of wine for me and we headed to our seats. No photography or I would have taken a photo (ok, so I did sneak some photos before they scolded others)....AMAZING.

They were perfect. Best view ever- not too close where you missed stuff, but so close i could see the people's sweat. I was in heaven. The show was amazing and I couldn't stop talking about it the whole ride home.

Although by this point, I'd already hooked up with him- he was pretty hot ok, don't judge- this time he definitely deserved it. Way to go Seamen!