Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So lets talk about how I got here....

I never really thought blogging was for me, but now it looks as if I've come around. My best friend started a blog as one of her new years resolutions and at first I thought it was a super odd resolution, but I was amazed at how addicted I became to reading it. She needs to blog more! I have always been a fan of social media- a true Facebook addict here- but I never thought blogging would be for me.

I now have a desk job once more and regular 8-5 hours and find myself with a little more time than I previously had and have started reading some of the popular blogs out there. They are so entertaining and HILARIOUS. Although I have been seriously entertained by stories of travels, kids, meeting people, dating, baking, goals, etc. in discussing my life with others and the crazy shit that happens to me, I decided if I were to write a blog it would be equally entertaining if not BETTER.

So, a little more about me:

I have lived in 6 different cities in two years, all over the place- Midwest-South-and Now in Florida! It has always been my dream to live in Florida and I have succeeded in making it a reality....however....I don't know anyone! I moved here alone, single and about 1200 miles away from any of my friends. So this blog will be my trials and tribulations of trying to meet people in Florida. I hope to make the majority of the posts fairly real time, but might have to go back and share some historical stories since I haven't previously had a blog to share the hilarity and craziness of my life!

I would like to add that I obtained a lot of the inspiration and  motivation to write this blog from DateMeDC.com and her great stories, but I think I've got some stories equally good.....so follow my blog...

Or just meet me already!!!

Come on Meet Me FL!

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