Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"It's Florida- It cant be that hard to meet people...."

Yeah, thats what I thought too.....until I experienced it for myself.

So, as much as possible I would like to try to keep this blog anonoymous, so I'm gonna try not to say the exact area of Florida that I live in, particularly because it is a small community, and if I did actually make friends, I wouldn't want them to know how much thought and effort I put into making them....

So the area of Florida I live in makes it difficult to meet people. From what I have heard, it is the oldest county per capita in the United States, translation: people are freaking old and retired here. I live on the west coast (Gulf of Mexico side for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about) about 5 miles from the water, but about 30 minutes to the closest beach. The reason I ended up here was that I quit my job "up north" and moved to Florida while I looked for a job. I lived in one of my extended families "snowbird" houses (vacation home) while I looked for jobs. I decided that I really wanted to stay and live in Florida, but I was willing to take a job anywhere in the U.S. if I couldn't find one in Florida. Keep in mind- I quit at the worst time ever to be looking for a job- the economy is certainly in the toliet. Luckily I was able to find two job offers in Florida, one in a major city and one in a rural community.

Somehow, I decided on the one in the rural community, but I didn't let them know that I would take it until I found somewhere to live closer. The rural community was small, low-income, and in-land- aka not somewhere I was gonna live. So I had two days to find somewhere to live. I found the city and the area where I currently live. The cost of living was low and I was able to score a gorgeous 2/2 condo on a nature preserve. Sure- sign me up! The town seemed small but nice and appeared to have good tourism/local eateries, and looked higher income. I can deal with this. I signed a lease and have been living there for 5 months.

And in 5 months my Friday nights are still lonely, although I have made several attempts...continue reading my blog for how I have attempted and the people I have met :)

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