Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tactic #1 - Through Others (2)

So I also knew my Aunt and Aunt is a super fit stud and my Uncle is a Firefighter, they have been married for about 2 or 3 years and previously had been dating for 10 years (maybe more). The are both known as partiers, she makes a killer Cosmo and he cocktails from the Keys- mostly Captain.

So these things are all great right? Fun? Fit? Firefighters? Cocktails? Yeah you would think. There are two problems to this equation. One is their age- she is 55ish and he is 46ish (they are aunts and uncles- who really knows their exact ages). They have fun, but as far as meeting people through them- the majority of their friends are in the same age range. People in that age range can be cool, but they have things like 2 ex husbands, fake boobs because they forgot where theirs used to be, Botox, mortgages, kids, and one really bad thing is KIDS YOUR AGE. You think that that last one might be a good thing, but its not. Have you ever seen the kids of your parents guys never became friends for a reason. Ok, maybe I might get set up on a date out of it, but a friend date- when I'm looking for friends?? SUPER AWKWARD.  My aunt an uncle also hang out with a lot of younger people or people who waited late in life to have kids, so their kids are high school and freshman in college age- so that knocks a lot of them out from trying to "hook me up" with their kids.

The second problem is my Uncle is not a family man. He does his own thing and treats my Aunt great, but he isn't the most social with the family- me included. He feels that families should keep separate...whatever- What this means for me: No boating trips/fishing trips :( and the main downfall NO HOT FIREFIGHTERS for me :( He says that the guys at his work are all older and have families and stuff, but I'm thinking he is just not looking on the right shift for me. He does work for a small city and station.....but come on I know prince charming is waiting to rescue me from a burning building on his big ladder right???  Another complication of my Uncle being a firefighter is that he works their crazy schedule- 24 hours on 48 hours off. So my Aunt and Uncle have to plan their time together accordingly and my M-F 8-5 doesn't really mesh well with their schedules.

I did try meeting some people through my Aunt at the gym that she works at. The age issue comes into play there also, as where she works most people are significantly older- 35-60 range (35 might be pushing the lower limit). But let's be honest people don't go to the gym to make friends, we wear iPods and zone out and the last thing we want to do is meet someone new, I mean we ARE looking our best -frizzed out hair and sweaty crotches-why wouldn't this be the ideal meeting ground?

I did take a lot of exercise classes at the gym, and people are more friendly and receptive to chatting before and after classes and sometimes in class if it is that type of class, but its fake and it goes away. It would be really nice to meet a friend at the gym though because then I would know that they were interested in being fit and all the other fun walks, jogs etc I would like to do outside of the gym. I know you will get sick of hearing it, but the AGE factors in again in these classes. Aerobics and fitness classes became popular in the '80s so the majority of the participants are people who were in their 20s and 30s in the '80s aka people my parents ages :(.

My Aunt also works at an all female gym- so its not like I was gonna find any romance there. What would the equivalent of a "Bromance" for women be....a "Womance?"  Let's just be honest, women are hard to meet. I think I would have more luck if I was looking for a little lesbo carpet munching action than I am just looking for a friend.  People at this gym don't worry, I've gone south.....and not like that....I won't be trying to meet you today.

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