Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tactic #1- Through Others (1)

Ok, so maybe I fibbed a little about not knowing ANYONE in Florida. When I first moved to Florida, I lived in a city where I did know a few people, my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. I was living in my other Aunt's vacation home in the same city, but now I no longer live in that city but instead live about an hour south.

So when I first moved to Florida, I lived near people I knew for two months before relocating. During this time I was applying for "big kid jobs" and working at a retailer for the holidays as a fill-in manager. So I did have some human interaction.

So my first tactic to meet people was to meet people that my cousin, Aunt and Uncle knew. However, I really didn't want to come off strong and make them feel like they HAD to entertain me or had to find me friends. I wanted to become a Floridian as fast as possible and not make them feel like they were entertaining a family tourist that had come for the week to stay but instead stand on my own two feet.

Now, this blog might make me sound like I'm not, but I am VERY INDEPENDENT, but I do enjoy the company of others and particularly when you are trying new things and exploring new places. At this time, since I had recently moved to Florida, I was still very independent and enjoying just "living the life," going to the beach as much as possible, wearing sundresses, walking around and oogling at the palm trees etc. It was different than now, where I still do many of the same things, but long for someone to go to the beach with me and just generally not be so alone.

(Back to the Tactic) So my cousin is around my age, hes 27 almost 28, and he works as an officer for the State of Florida. In the last year, he bought a house in the same community that my Aunt's vacation home is in that I was living in and I could actually walk to his house. (He is also single and has his shit together -even has a college degree- and would really be a catch for a lucky girl.) He has always had to entertain family members when we would come and visit and he never seemed to enjoy it- one of the complications of living in Florida I guess- so I didn't want to impose on him at all.

I was very surprised that my first weekend in Florida, he called me to go out with his friends. SCORE!!!! I'm thinking I can meet people, PLUS he works in a male dominated field so mostly in-shape manly guys, so many will likely be HOTTIES just my type. Of course I tried to play it off like I wasn't all that interested so I wouldn't sound desperate.  Plus he had actually called me ahead of time and not texted, so I had to play it cool in my voice as well.....since I wasn't great at this, we decided when it got closer to going out time, we'd text. The following texts went something like this:

(251): So when are you guys thinking of going out?  <-- of course I'm already ready sitting in my house
(941): eh Idk-you can just come over here and then we'll see
(251): Ok, I could do that. I guess I'll jump in the shower <--Already ready, but still scared it might be to early to claim to be starting to get ready
(wait 15 min) (251): So where do you usually go?
(941): It depends. Idk what we are up to tonight, probably a local bar <--Change clothes frantically 20 times, end up wearing a sundress still self-conscious that it is November and maybe Floridians don't wear sundresses in November even though it is 80 degrees....but I didn't want to look like a tourist
(941): I'll be over in a bit

So my cousin was known in our family to be quite a partier. He took the 7 year plan through college and I am pretty sure he had  A LOT more fun in college than I did. So I was expecting a good night. I met my cousin at his house and he got dressed and then we headed out together to meet his friends. I was assuming this to be a big group of mixed sexes ready to get their drink on. We pull up to a place in a strip mall called World of Beer. We go in and it is fairly empty, but I loved it since half of the place was outside. His "group" was sitting at the indoor bar. The "group" was two guys. One was my cousin's roommate and the other was his friend of a friend of a friend. Greeaaatttt.....Think positive- two people I didn't know before.

They both had been drinking a while and my cousin and I were fresh, so we went to order a drink, turns out the only thing World of Beer offers is umm...BEER. Since I am not a beer drinker, this would be interesting. I found out that they had ciders and I ordered a Strongbow- something I knew I could handle because it had been Fluffy's favorite after he had come home from the UK.  I had a couple of ciders and was feeling pretty good- so in my usual fashion I started not only talking more to the guys we were with but started exploring the bar and talking to the people next to us etc.

Through this I learned that coming to a male dominated bar (maybe because they only serve BEER)GGGGRRROOOOSSSSSSS! This made me feel like I needed to talk to anyone in the bar that was decent looking at all and inform them that this was not the case. I did talk to a few and communicate this- but it got kind of "not so fun" and went back to  the group.

Turns out the "group" was YOUNG. I was expecting quite the opposite since my cousin was older than me. But these kids were younger than me. My cousin's roommate worked with him and the other guy worked at a Bait Shop out near the beach.

My cousin's roommate finally stood up because he had to go to the bathroom.....and I determined he was cute, was like "HONEY I SHRUNK THE HOT MAN." He was soooo little. He has a pretty okay personality, laughs, jokes and smiles a lot. He also dresses nice. He is well built- ok deliciously built if I was like 14- but it looks like he was at the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and played with the shrinky machine too closely. He is maybe 5'7" and might weigh 160 only because he is so well built. The smallest thing was his well sculpted waist. I think his waist could likely fit in the thigh of one of my pants legs. I'm pretty sure he is all the way through puberty and this is as good as it gets....Is there a machine that does the opposite of the "Honey I shrunk the Kids" machine?

(Honey I Shrunk The Hot Man has since been dating a girl about the same size as me- if not bigger.....I'm not sure how she does it....maybe everything isn't in proportion.....*if you know what I mean*)

Well, the night was pretty low key. I rode back to my cousins house, watched some TV with him and the "group" drank some water and sobered up and drove the whole 2 miles home and reflected on the night....I got out of the house and met some that point I had been a little disappointed, but now looking back I should have been very happy. I'd love a similar night out any day now that I have lived in Florida for 7 months and don't really have any friends.

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