Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tactic #2 Online Dating

So, I previously blogged about my experience with online dating, but I felt I needed to include it as a Tactic so that you could understand my motivations. I pretty much decided that online dating was like Christmas presents from Grandma,---you are either getting an Ugly Sweater or a Cha Ching Check, so it could go either way. I also figured that as out going as I am, I can have drinks or coffee with just about anyone for about an hour or so. It also is good practice for business situations when you are forced to talk and socialize with people you other wise wouldn't. Also, it could be great practice for when you really find someone you would want to date. Another benefit is that just because you don't click with that person doesn't mean you couldn't be friends..and that is truly what I need. And who knows...their friends could be awesome as well even if he isn't. Most people meet the man of their dreams through someone through someone maybe an online meeting might eventually lead to the man of my dreams, even if he isn't participating in the craziness of online dating. Since I am now in Florida and lonely I am much more excited about online dating because it is a way for me to go out and get drinks or just do SOMETHING and not be alone. If I get to meet people and get out of the house, I'm interested. Stay tuned for crazy online dating stories......

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  1. You are so stinkin' good at meeting people and talking to them! I'm jealous...!